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you have to do the purple event you can still do the purple event as blue then do the blue event

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Q: I have missed the purple heart event and the blue one won't work for muffy on Harvest Moon DS. Why won't it work?
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What can you do if you missed a Heart Event in Harvest Moon DS?

Just go back and activate it. Heart Events must be gotten in order (Black, Purple, Blue, and finally Yellow). If you do not complete the Heart Event you missed you can't do any others. You do not have to lower her Heart Color back down. Even if you have a higher Heart Color than necessary the event will still work.

What is muffys orange heart event on Harvest Moon DS?

There is no Orange Heart Event. Muffy only has a Black, Purple, Blue, and Yellow Heart Event.

Why won't griffins purple heart event work in harvest moon ds cute?

Have you Made sure that you haven't missed a Heart event before that and you followed these rules.Purple Heart Event» Dr.Hardy's clinic» 6:00 am to 12:00 pm, not Wednesday or Saturday

Nami's heart is purple but i cant trigger the heart event on harvest moon ds What do I do now?

Have you done all of Nami's heart events leading up to purple? (Which is only her black heart event)

Rock's Red Heart Event in Harvest Moon Cute DS?

There is no Red Heart Event. Only Black, Purple, Blue, and Yellow.

Do you have to do all the heart events to get a girl on harvest moon DS?

Yes. it's required to marry someone. Each girl has a heart event at black, purple, blue and yellow hearts. If you missed one, you do not have to go back and do it in order to marry her. You can still do any heart event if you skipped that color heart.

Is there a orange heart event in Harvest Moon DS?

No. There are only Black, Purple, Blue, and Yellow Heart Events.

What is luminas red heart event in harvest moon ds?

There isn't a red heart event for any of the girls. There isn't a green heart event either. There is only a black heart event, a purple heart event, a blue heart event, and a yellow heart event.

Are natalie's heart events in harvest moon island of happiness necessary to marry her?

Yes. But don't worry. For instance, you don't see the purple heart event. But you can still view that event anytime after or during purple heart with her.

What order are the heart events for Harvest Moon DS?

It goes in this order: Black, Purple, Blue, and then Yellow Heart Event.

What is Griffin's red heart event on harvest moon ds cute?

Griffin Doesn't have a red Heart Event, Only; Black, Purple, blue and Yellow heart events.

On harvest moon ds how do you make floras heart purple?

you need to experience the black heart event then keep giving her gft that she likes until it turns purple