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Yes. But don't worry. For instance, you don't see the purple heart event. But you can still view that event anytime after or during purple heart with her.

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Q: Are natalie's heart events in harvest moon island of happiness necessary to marry her?
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Chelsea's heart events in harvest moon island of happiness?

go to

Can you marry Shea in harvest moon and if you can then how?

yes you can marry shea in harvest moon sunshine islands and in Island of happiness for sunshine is land go to for island of happiness go to and it will tell you heart events and such but his heart is invisible you will know by what he says

How do you make Julia your wife in harvest moon island of happiness?

Court her, witness all her heart events, buy a wife's bed, and propose to her

On Harvest Moon Island of Happiness ds you are married already when will other people get married?

You have to view all the rival heart events and have Nathan on the island. Rival Events

What does your kid do in harvest moon island of happiness?

There are a couple of events you get with your child. And will attend certain festivals after he/she learns to walk. Other than that your child does not do much.

In harvest moon island of happiness what are Julia's heart event?

You can go to the site under "Source or releated links" for a list of her Heart Events and how to activate them.

In harvest moon island of happiness when do you get married?

When you have your girl/guy at 10 hearts, experienced all heart events, and have the blue feather from buying it at Chens then you can marry them. Doesn't matter when.

How many Heart Events are there in Harvest Moon Island of Happiness?

There is one Purple Heart Event Two different Blue Heart Events Four different Yellow Heart Events And one Orange Heart Event for each marriage candidate Even though there are multiples of some Heart Events you can only get one of each.

What if Julia rejects the blue feather on harvest moon island of happiness?

1- you have not completed all heart events (it's alright to say the wrong thing btw) 2- She doesn't have 10 hearts

Can you marry Denny in Harvest Moon Island of Happiness?

Yes. Give him Something he likes everyday, and go through the heart events! This site should help: GOOD LUCK!

In harvest moon friends of mineral town are there heart events for the harvest goddess?

their are no heart event just a lot of requrments

How do you get marride on harvest moon ds?

u need to find 60 harvest sprites and see all heart events