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you can't catch more pokemon. you have to get rid of some pokemon.

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Q: What happens when you fill all of your PC boxes in Pokemon FireRed?
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What happens when you fill up your PC boxes on Pokemon diamond version?

you would have to set loose some Pokemon in order to make room for other Pokemon.

How do you fill out your pokedex in FireRed?

catch 80 Pokemon

What do you fill into the questionair in the mart in Pokemon FireRed?

Link together with all.

How many Eevee can you get on Pokemon platinum?

As much as you can fill your Pokemon storage boxes 1-15.

How do you catch the national pokedex in Pokemon firered?

After you fill your whole dex and beat the E4.

How many Pokemon can you possibly catch?

when u fill the boxes int he computer

How many gibles can you have in Pokemon pearl?

as many as you want until they fill your PC boxes!

What to fill out on the questionnaire Pokemon FireRed?

Put in LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL to receive the mystery gift option.

What happens if you fill your PC box then catch a Pokemon?

Actually nothing happens

What pokedex do you have to fill to get cyndaquil in FireRed?

To get a cyndaquil u must trade one from Pokemon emerald or Pokemon xd gale of darkness or breed the purified quilava from Pokemon colosseum

How do you get the extra pc boxes in pokemon white?

There are two ways:-Once you have AT LEAST ONE Pokemon in every one of your eight starting boxes, eight more will appear. (this continues till the max. number of boxes has been reached).-The second way is to simply fill your boxes to the max, then eight more will free up.

What do you do after you catch all the Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

Go to The Professor's Lab in Sadgem Town and you get the National Pokedex you might want to get Pokemon LeafGreen FireRed, to fill it at the top but some will be in the grass at the top of the Resort Area!