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Link together with all.

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Q: What do you fill into the questionair in the mart in Pokemon FireRed?
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What is the answer to the questionair in the mart in islan7 FireRed?

link together with all

How you can get mystrygift in Pokemon emerald?

Go into any mart, then fillout the questionair: Link Together with All.

How can you use mystery gift in Pokemon fire red?

yup just go to any Pokemon mart and fill out the questionair with "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL" and then put your black connecter thing in the GBA and you can get gifts! It really is that simple!

Where is navelrock in Pokemon FireRed?

You have to get the mystery gift right below new game. And you receive mystery gift if you go to any Poke-mart and fill in the questionair. Input the words :"Link Together With All: The shop keeper will be shock n' you'll be able to access the navel rock entrance n' catch legendary pokemons! Please rate this as a 5

How do you catch any Pokemon on FireRed?

pokeballs... which should be at the mart..

What does he mean by paper type in link together with all and you get it it is for the mistery gift on Pokemon diamond?

This is actually for Pokemon firered, leafgreen and emerald. In a Pokemon mart fill in a piece of paper on the table(it is called a questionare)with the words: LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL.

What do you do in copycat's house in Pokemon FireRed?

Buy a pokedoll for her in the super mart, and she will teach one of your Pokemon mimic

How do you get the mystery tictet on Pokemon emeared?

go to pokemon mart and fill questionarrire in " link together with all"

Pokemon FireRed water stone?

Can be bought in the Celadon Department store (the big mart in the upper left of Celadon City).

Can you get vaporeon in Pokemon FireRed?

Yes, you get an Eevee in Celadon City, and you can buy a Water Stone to evolve Eevee in the Celadon City Poke Mart.

Can you get a houndour in Pokemon FireRed?

Maybe you can,after typing 'Link Together With All' in the Pokemon mart,save it and restart it.You will see a Mystery Gift At the bottom.Then press it(you will need a wireless adapter).

How do you get the mistery gift on Pokemon LeafGreen?

you go to a Pokemon mart and fill out the questionaire and put LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL and you should get it but you would to have a adapter or a GBA link cable