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Nothing really my cousin has an Xbox 360 and he's in college but he had to leave his xbox at home and one of his roomates has one so he just took the memory card and took it with him and put it in the friends xbox

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โˆ™ 2011-11-26 22:59:19
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Q: What happens if you take the memory card out of the xbox 360?
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Does Xbox 360 need a memory card?

No it dosent need a memory card

Can you have a memory card for Xbox live?


Can you connect an old Xbox memory card to an Xbox360?

I'm not too sure about this but, I didn't see any slots that look like a Xbox memory card can fit on a Xbox 360 memory card, I didn't even think Xbox had a memory card to tell you the truth, but if there is try goggling to see if there is a memory card for Xbox to Xbox 360 adapter or somthing like, sorry I couldn't help as much as you wanted. -RapidCartoon

What do Xbox memory cards do?

They give you more space to store things from your xbox to your memory card

Does xbox 360 have a memory card?

yes they do

What is the biggest amount of memory on a memory card for the xbox 360?

its 4gb

Does Xbox require a memory card?

the xbox does not require a memory card but i would recommend getting one for extra memory cause the game system only comes with a limited amount of memory.

Is there a way to take all of your memory from your old XBOX account to your new XBOX account?

maybe if you save it all to an sd card then transfer the files to new xbox

Can you buy a memory card for xbox 360?


Dose San Andreas for Xbox work on Xbox360?

Yes It does...... if the xbox had a separate memory card(for the 360) you can save your data (NOT on the hardrive on the 360 memory card)

Will a sd memory card in a usb memory card reader work as a xbox 360 storage device?

Yes, it will work as a storage device on the Xbox 360. Keep in mind that if your SD memory card is write protected, you will not be able to use it as a Xbox 360 storage device.

Can a regular Xbox memory card fit into an Xbox 360?

no, because its not the same size

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