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I'm not too sure about this but, I didn't see any slots that look like a Xbox memory card can fit on a Xbox 360 memory card, I didn't even think Xbox had a memory card to tell you the truth, but if there is try goggling to see if there is a memory card for Xbox to Xbox 360 adapter or somthing like, sorry I couldn't help as much as you wanted.


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Q: Can you connect an old Xbox memory card to an Xbox360?
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Dose San Andreas for Xbox work on Xbox360?

Yes It does...... if the xbox had a separate memory card(for the 360) you can save your data (NOT on the hardrive on the 360 memory card)

How do you connect a wireless rock band guitar to a xbox360?

Is it made for the xbox 360? If so, you have to synchronize it to the xbox 360 to the guitar by pressing the xbox button on the guitar and the synchronize button underneath the memory card slots in front of your xbox 360.

Does the xbox360 have a memory card?

yes if you turn your xbox side-ways and look at it in the front its on the right side.

What is the most memory on a xbox360 memory card?


Where does the memory card go on the xbox 360?

the xbox360 does not have "memory cards" like the original xbox. the 360 has an internal hard drive like how your home PC has an internal hard drive.

How do you transfer memory from one xbox360 to another?

you have to use a memory card.

Can you use a flashdrive as a memory card for your xbox360?

No, you must buy a special memory card for the 360.

Can you purchase a memorry card for the xbox to use seperate from the internal memory?

Yes, microsoft makes memory cards, you can also connect an external hdd.

Does Xbox 360 need a memory card?

No it dosent need a memory card

How can you get Xbox live on the Xbox 360 arcade?

In order to have XBL on a xbox360 system you need a saving device, either a memory card or a Hard drive, then hook it up to your high speed internet and enjoy.

Can you have a memory card for Xbox live?


What do Xbox memory cards do?

They give you more space to store things from your xbox to your memory card

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