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Q: Can you buy a memory card for xbox 360?
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How Can you transfer files from Xbox 360 to Xbox 360 using thumb drive?

You can't transfer files on xbox 360 using a usb thumb drive, but you can if you buy a xbox 360 memory card

How do you transfer Xbox memory onto Xbox 360?

If you used a memory card for your XBox, you can just put that in the 360. if you used a harddrive, i think you have to buy a data transfer cable, or ask the guy at the store you bought it from

Can you buy a hard rive for an Xbox 360 arcade?

yes you can. it comes with a memory card, but if you want a hard drive, you can buy one.

How much gb is the hard drive of a Xbox 360 arcade?

The xbox 360 arcade unit does not come with a hard drive. It comes with a memory card, but not a hard drive. You can buy one for you Xbox 360 Arcade, however.

How many gb does a Xbox 360 arcade have?

256mb memory card, you can buy hdd if you like but its not required with arcade version.

Can you use a flashdrive as a memory card for your xbox360?

No, you must buy a special memory card for the 360.

Can you transfer memory from an old xbox 360 hard drive to the new xbox?

Yes. You need to buy a special memory hardware for xbox to exchange the memory

Can you trade in your ps2 and a memory card and 4 games for a xbox 360?

Probably not, but you can trade it in for money, and use some of that to buy an Xbox 360. The main reason for this is that the PS2 is not as high=profile and new as the Xbox 360, which is considered a much better console. If you want to trade something in for an Xbox 360, it should be as high-profile and desirable as an Xbox 360 itself.

How do you get internet on Xbox 360?

Internet for Xbox is called Xbox live. Also you have to buy a gold card.

Can you put extra memory in xbox hardrive?

Either buy a new harddrive or buy a memory card.

Does the Xbox 360 airless adapter work for Xbox live?

With the Xbox 360 S, there is a built-in wireless card. For the Xbox 360 (older versions), you need to buy a wireless adapter.

How do you get Microsoft points on your xbox 360?

you use the code on the back of a Microsoft point card or use a credit card and buy them off of the xbox 360 itself

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