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maybe if you save it all to an sd card then transfer the files to new xbox

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Q: Is there a way to take all of your memory from your old XBOX account to your new XBOX account?
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What will happen if you have a live account on one xbox and you recover another live account from another xbox?

That answer is simple. All that happens is the account goes to the new xbox but it still keeps all your old data. Another easy trick is to get a flash drive and plug it un to the xbox with the account on it. Then With the flash drive in the xbox go to My Xbox > System Settings > Memory > Flash Dirve > Conifigur > Hard Drive > Account > Move to flash drive. Once that is done your account is in your flash dive so all you have to do is plug it in to the desired xbox and you have your account.

Can your friend use his Xbox live account on your Xbox?

Yes he/she can. First you both have to have an internet connection to xbox live. Then you push the xbox guide button and go to the sign in screen then go to recover account then follow the steps. But keep in mind that when you recover an account all the Achievements are DELETED and you start out from scratch...A 2nd way you can do this is that your friend or whoever it may be needs to bring their storage device (memory) and use it on your xbox. If you dont know how to take out your storage device refer to the manual your xbox came with.

How much memory do you need for a Xbox 360 Kinect?

The Kinect will not take any memory. However, updates will. But there is no need to worry about this because all updates are very small.

If you get Xbox live will you lose all your memory on your current offline account for example you have full hayabusa will you lose that if you get Xbox live?

you will not lose anything, although in some games you wouldn't start off with the armour you have or weapons etc.

How do you buy Xbox live for an old Xbox console?

XBOX LIVE works both on the original XBOX AND XBOX 360 all you have to do is recover your account.

On a xbox 360 how do you delete an account?

to delete a xbox 360 account first when you turn on the 360 you first you go all the way down the list when you turn on the xbox the last box says system setting click on the that then click on memory then click on your hard drive icon then you click on game profiles then click on the profile you want to delete

How do you remove an Xbox live account completely not just off your Xbox but so the gamertag no longer exists?

well there is no way to delete it for good you can delete it from your console and not tell anyone the password to recover it by going to my xbox(main menu), console settings, memory,gamer profiles, then select the account you want and select option delete items and all.

How do you get Xbox live for Xbox 360?

All you need to do is have either a wireless router or an Ethernet cable to connect your xbox to the Internet then you can make an account, it will ask you if you want to make it an xbox live account and you have to pay to get live.

Can you play Xbox 360 games in Xbox 360 elite?

YES.... the xbox elite is just another form of the xbox 360 it just has more memory but works the EXACT same way as the xbox 360, in fact it is an xbox 360 it just has added memory xbox and xbox elite are all the same wtf where you thinking

How can you make an Xbox live account with a subscription in Xbox live?

All accounts created on your Xbox come with one free month of Xbox Live.

Does installing the game in xbox 360 take more memory than not installing?

Yes, because you are uploading all of that games data into your hard drive, as opposed to just having your xbox read the disc.

How do you delete Xbox 360 memory?

You go to the dashboard and the my xbox title. Then you go all the way over till you see system settings. Click on that then memory tab and go from there

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