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The original DS and DS Lite cannot take a memory card at all. The DSi takes SD memory cards.

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Q: What kind of memory card does a Nintendo ds take?
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How do you take out a memory card out of the Nintendo 64?

press the cartrides top and itll pop up

Do you need an SD card to take pictures with the Nintendo DSi?

No you do not you already have lots of memory you can take 444 or something like that photos before you need a Sd card

What kind of memory card does an insignia camera take?

it takes a sd for camera sdhc for camcorder

What sized memory card does the lg shine take?

That model was released in 2007 did not have a memory card

What does the film of a camera do?

a camera film securely keeps the photos you take in it's memory. that is why you always should have either a memory card, or a film. (depends on what kind of camera you have).

How do you change memory card file system from RAW to ntfs or fat?

Take A Water On MEmory card

How much memory does it take for your average PS2 game?

For game saves and that kind of thing the 8 MB memory card was the largest Sony made for the PS2 which did not include a HDD

Where can you download Nintendo music on the Nintendo DSi?

You can get any kind of audio file, and convert it to AAC. Then copy it to your SD Card. That sounds about right but you couldn't convert any kind of audio file to AAC, it wouldn't work.

On the juke where is the memory card?

the memory card is in the battery like if you take of the back its right there o ya i have that phone

Can take pictures with the PS Vita camera without a memory card?

No,because the camera cannot even take a picture without the memory card

Does the memory erase from a Playstation 2 memory card if it is ejected?

If you take the memory card out while the system is off, no harm should be done to the card or data saved to it. If the system is running, however, it is possible for the card's memory to become corrupt.

How do you use memory cards on the kp500?

Take a phone to your hand and you will see a some kind of box in right side of your phone where is writed microSD. Open it and put your memory card inside.