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if you say hell in Club Penguin there will be a big orange box on your screen and it will say you ban or it will say sever action do not swear in club penguin.

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โˆ™ 2011-07-01 15:10:38
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Q: What happens if you say hell in club penguin?
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What happens if you say a bad word on club penguin?

If you say a bad word on club penguin you will get banned for 24 hours. If you say a bad word three times you will get banned forever.

What happens when you ignore someone on Club Penguin?

You just can't hear what they say.

What happens if you say 'hell' on clubpenguin and suddenly log off?

Nothing. Well, if you're talking about getting banned, you don't get banned on club penguin for saying only 'hell'. You may only get banned if you use it in the wrong way.

What naughty words can you say in club penguin?

Other than the word hell, you will get banned for using naughty words.

How do you say club penguin in latin?

Club Penguin in Latin is Clava Penguin (I think)

How do you get a Club Penguin Club Penguin membership certificate?

Sorry but I have to say you can't get a certificate for being a member on Club Penguin.

What does miss mean in club penguin?

It means kiss in club penguin. People say miss instead of kiss because we cannot say kiss in club penguin.

What happens when you say i love you in club penguin?

nothing happens the words just come up and everyone in the same area sees them

Do Debby Ryan play Club Penguin?

i would have to say no she does not play club penguin

How does your penguin go the coulor gold on Club Penguin?

Sorry to say this but you cant turn gold on club penguin =(

What are the Club Penguin missions?

Club penguin missions are missions on club penguin how muck more simpler can it geti say, people can be so...

How do you say Club Penguin in spanish?

i think seista penguna penguin = pájaro bobo -or- pengüino. 'club penguin' would be "Club Pengüino".

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