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VERY sorry to say but Club Penguin Requires Adobe Flash.

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โˆ™ 2010-01-05 19:39:51
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Q: How do you make club penguin work without adobe flash?
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Related questions

Can you play club penguin without adobe flash player?

no you can't play club penguin without adobe flash player

Can you play club penguin on a Kindle Fire and can you download Adobe Flash Player on a Kindle Fire?

i think you can play club penguin on a kindle fire because this website says you can and if can play club penguin on it, you can download adobe flash player because it is impossible to play club penguin without it!

In what software was Club Penguin created in?

adobe flash

What software was Club Penguin made on?

I believe it was made on Adobe Flash.

Is Club Penguin a Linux program?

No. Club Penguin is an Adobe Flash application. It can be run from any operating system with a compatible version of Adobe Flash Player, such as Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux.

Is Java script needed to play club penguin?

No, it uses adobe flash

What do you need to download for club penguin?

All you need is Adobe Flash Player

Can you play club penguin without downloading adobe flash player?

I don't think so because on Thursday 19 February 2009 I went on club penguin and I couldn't play it and I played it before without Adobe Flash Player and now I can't. Fortunately, go to miniclip and you can play without Adobe flash player.

Are there games like poptropica besides club penguin?

maybe fantage although it need adobe flash player adobe flash player won't do viruses

Can you play club penguin on hp touchpad?

no you cant i dont think with out adobe flash player

How was Club Penguin created?

It was made with graphic making software and set up in adobe flash.

Can you play club penguin without upgrade adobe flash player?

Yes you can it works for me!

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