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Club Penguin in Latin is Clava Penguin (I think)

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Lugia's Song

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Q: How do you say club penguin in latin?
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What happens if you say hell in club penguin?

if you say hell in club penguin there will be a big orange box on your screen and it will say you ban or it will say sever action do not swear in club penguin.

How do you get a Club Penguin Club Penguin membership certificate?

Sorry but I have to say you can't get a certificate for being a member on Club Penguin.

What does miss mean in club penguin?

It means kiss in club penguin. People say miss instead of kiss because we cannot say kiss in club penguin.

How does your penguin go the coulor gold on Club Penguin?

Sorry to say this but you cant turn gold on club penguin =(

How do you say Club Penguin in spanish?

i think seista penguna penguin = pájaro bobo -or- pengüino. 'club penguin' would be "Club Pengüino".

How do you unband your self from Club Penguin?

Send A Message To Club Penguin Then Say Hello,Club Penguin My Penguin Has Been Banned For A Misunderstanding Please Unbann Him/Her Bye!

What is the cheat for repeating what people say on club penguin?

To do this on Club Penguin you must download Club Penguin Storm. Once you havedone that go to the section that says bots and then click on copy bot. You will then beable to repeat what people say on Club Penguin.

How do you say penguin in latin?


Where would the penguin be if it says on an adventure on club penguin?

say what?

Can you say bugger on Club Penguin?


Can you say twilight on Club Penguin?

of course, you can say anything in club penguin as long it's not inappropiate.But twilight isn't bad.

Club penguin elite penguin force available in Dubai?

i do not know:but club penguin said that they are available in the US and latin American countries.i am sure soon they will try to expand shipping.