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cobalion runs deep into a cave

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Q: What happens if you run from Cobalion?
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What happens if you faint l cobalion?

You would better hope u saved the game.because after u faint cobalion, the Pokemon will never come back. That was your last chance

Why cant you get to virizion in Pokemon black?

Did you already catch Cobalion? it is impossible to catch virizion until you have caught cobalion. I'm not sure what happens if you faint good luck

When you run away from cobalion when does he come back?

This depends on if you saved the game before you battled Cobalion.

Can cobalion lay an egg?

No, Cobalion cannot lay eggs. Cobalion is not capable of breeding.

What Happens if you can't use Strength in Pokemon Black To get Terrakion?

The rocks do not move until you have encountered Cobalion.

Is cobalion legindary Pokemon?

Yes, Cobalion is a legendary pokemon.

What level is cobalion in black version?

Cobalion is encountered at Lv42.

Who envolve from cobalion?

Cobalion is a legendary, and legendaries cant evolve.

What type of Pokemon is Cobalion?

Cobalion is a Steel and Fighting type pokemon.

How do you get cobalion?

cobalion is in a cave on route 6 called Mistralton Cave

Does cobalion evolve?


What kind of poke ball do you catch cobalion in?

You catch Cobalion with any Pokeball that is possible to catch it in.