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He is somewhere to the right you need Cut to get to him.

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Q: Where do you find prof Oak's aide on route 2 in leaf green?
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Where is prof. oaks aide when you get 50 Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

He is east of Fuchsia City, in the gaurd house separating route 15 from the city. Go up the stairs, and you will find his aide.

How do you find Legal Aide?

Trying to find the website for legal aide in Chicago

Do you find shaymin in floroma medows in pearl version?

no get an action replay type the code and then get oaks letter and go to route 224 at the mirror rock or go to an event

How do you get to the seapath on Pokemon platinum?

get action replay get oaks letter go to route 224 go to the very end and find a shiny rock talk to oak then you will see seapath

Where will you find bill after completing Pokemon league in green leaf?

In his cottage at route 25.

Does relicanth hold green shard?

Yes, but it is really rare because only 5% of Relicanths have green shards, and relicanths are hard to find also. There is a green shard on route 126 that you can reach by diving from route 124 if that helps.

Where can one find the school Oaks Christian?

You can find the Oaks Christan School in Westlake Village, California. The addresss of the Oaks Christan School is 31749 La Tienda Rd, Westlake Village, CA 91362.

How do you teach a Pokemon the flash in Pokemon LeafGreen?

First you need the HM which is given by one of prof oaks aides on route 2 he's in a big building but to reach the one he's in you need to cut down the tree on that route and go to the path behind it follow it upward to find the building go inside and talk to the oak aide he will ask if you have recorded 10 Pokemon in your pokedex say YES to get HM05 which contains Flash.

What do you do when you get oaks letter?

If i'm right you should go to the end the route that is east of the pokemon leauge and there you will see oak with a path that wasnt there first. Go up and up and up and you will find a shaymin.

Where is professor oaks aide with amulet coin in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you can find the amulet coin on celadon city in the west side of the city there's a path through the cycling road go up on the path there is professor oak's aid and that's the amulet coin

How do you find Flash in Pokemon Yellow?

Flash is given by an oak aide on route 2 to reach the oak aide you need to use Cut on the small trees then go inside a big building inside talk to the oak aide and he asks you if you recorded 10 species of Pokemon in your pokedex if so say YES he gives you HM05 which contains flash.

Where would one find Oaks Amusement Park?

One would have to travel to Portland Oregon to find Oaks Amusement Park. Oaks Amusement Park holds the largest roller skating rink in the Pacific Northwest.