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you can find the amulet coin on celadon city in the west side of the city there's a path through the cycling road go up on the path there is professor oak's aid and that's the amulet coin

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Q: Where is professor oaks aide with amulet coin in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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In which route in Pokemon LeafGreen does one of professor oak's aide give you a amulet coin?

Go left of celadon city go in the big building go upstairs talk to oak's aide if you have 50 or more Pokemon in your pokedex you get a amulet coin.

Where to get expshare in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can get it on Route 15 in the guard house from Professor Oak's Aide after you have caught at least 50 Pokemon for the Pokedex.

How do you get amount coin in FireRed?

If u mean the amulet coin after u get 40 kinds of Pokemon on your pokedex professor oaks aide gives it to you in the building on route 16.

Amulet coin FireRed?

You have to catch 40 Pokemon and get it from Professor Oake's aide. He can be found in the upstairs observation room in the gatehouse that connects Celadon City and Cycling Road.

Where do you get the amulet coin in Pokemon firered?

An oak aide in the big building west of celadon city has amulet coin.

Where is the amulet coin in pokemon firered?

West of Celadon city and the north entrance of the bike only path. Go inside, and walk upstairs. Professor Oak's aide will give you the Amulet coin, only after you have caught at least 40 different Pokémon.

In Pokemon fire red version where is proffeser oaks aide in virdian forest?

Professor Oak's aide is in the Pokemon is Gay ravine of the Viridian forest.

Where can you get an amulet coin in Pokemon firered?

Either its the big building to the left of celadon city or the one left of fuchsia city but at the top of the building an Oak Aide will give you an amulet coin if you registered 40 Pokemon in your pokedex.

Where do you find an amulet coin on Pokemon FireRed?

In the big building either it's west of celadon city or fuchsia city but there is a prof oak aide inside on the top floor and he gives you the amulet coin if you have registered 40 Pokemon in the pokedex.

How do you get amulet coin FireRed?

you get 30 different kinds of pokemon and go west from celadon city.a guy(oaks aide) upstairs in the route entrance gives you it.

How do you catch mewtow in pokemon emreled?

you can't.:( but you can trade it from firered or leafgreen but to do that you have to get the national dex by catching 60 pokemon and getting all the items the aide has for you.if you own firered or leafgreen just go to google andtype in how to get MEWTWO. hope this helps:)

What is a good way to make money in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Ok you will need some things first. You need the amulet coin. Catch at least 40 species of Pokemon then travel to the house before the bike path (on the top). there will be an aide that will give you the amulet coin. Next you need to get to the sevvi islands. here is a tutorial to get there if you havnt already In firered how do you get to 4 island 5 island 6 island and 7 inland Now go to five island and the the place labeled "Resort Gorgeous". there will be two "Lady" type trainers that will give you up to 20000 each if you use the amulet coin!