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Articuno will disappear once you defeat it in HeartGold however you can bring it back in its place within Seafoam Island by defeating the Elite 4 and Lance regardless of whether you've already defeated them or not. Defeating Lance will activate the regeneration process for any Pokémon such as Articuno that is either considered a Legendary or a one-off Pokémon such as Sudowoodo.

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Q: What happens if you fainted Articuno in Pokemon HeartGold?
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What happens if Kyogre in Pokemon Heartgold fainted?

Just take him to a Pokemon center.

What happens if you kill Articuno in heartgold?

It is gone. If you saved the game after you killed it then it is gone forever.

What happens if you fainted Articuno in FireRed?

Well, you better not have saved the game after articuno fainted because if you did it is gone forever! Other wise simply resart and find your way back again! **Tip** When you find a legendary save the game right in front of him so if you do kill him you can switch off and back on your game and you will have another go! and if you did save the game after killing it, if you have Pokemon XD gale of darkness then you can trade Articuno from that. and any of the other legendary birds. +lugia for the pokedex.

What happens when you die in Pokemon?

You can't die, if you mean what happens if all your Pokemon are fainted, you just go back to the last Pokemon center you've visited.

What happens when you complete the unown report in Pokemon HeartGold?

nothng happens

What happens after you beat the Pokemon league for the second time in Pokemon heartgold?


What happens when you trade with Steven in Pokemon Heartgold?

Nothing happens you just trade him and he leaves and you go on with your Pokemon journey

What happens when you trade fortress and beldrum with steven on Pokemon heartgold?

you get beldum.

What happens after you complete the unknown report in Pokemon HeartGold?

I'll let you know when I get there...

In Pokemon heartgold what happens if you kill lugia?

it wil never come back...

What happens when your dies in Pokemon Black and White?

I'm guessing you're a beginner. Ok, your Pokemon didn't die. It just fainted. Just go over to the nearest Pokemon center(Pokemon Hostpital) and talk to a lady straight forward from the entrance. She'll heal your Pokemon and it can resume battling. Option 2: Use a revive on fainted Pokemon

What happens whene a Badegg Hatches in Pokemon HeartGold?

the game freezes and the file is deleted.