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Q: What happens after you beat the Pokemon league for the second time in Pokemon heartgold?
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How do you become the champ in HeartGold Pokemon?

There are two different times in which you are deemed the champion. The first time is when you defeat the Pokemon League. The second time is when you defeat Red on Mt. Silver.

Where do you find red the second in Pokemon heartgold?

on mount silver

How do you get to the second gym on Pokemon HeartGold?

you go to azalea town

Do you battle red twice in heartgold and soulsilver?

Yes, after you beat the Pokemon league the second time, every time you beat the Pokemon league again red will reappear at the platform on the top of mount silver. But red's Pokemon will be a little stronger every time you re-battle him.

How do you get the second badge in Pokemon HeartGold?

You will have to defeat Bugsy in Azalea Town. He has bug-type pokemon.

How do you get a pidgey's second evolution on Pokemon HeartGold?

you train it to level 18

What is the second gym badge in Pokemon HeartGold?

it is bugsy the bug type leader

What Pokemon can beat the second league in one shot?

My Pokemon

How Articuno in Pokemon HeartGold?

in the second island of seafoam islands. its on the right of the fire gym

How do you get celebi off of Pokemon pearl diamond heartgold soulsilver onto Pokemon black or Pokemon white?

get a second ds and transfer over

Can you trade Pokemon to heartgold to Pokemon Black?

After beating the story and obtaining the National Pokedex. Go to Route 15 in Pokemon Black to the Pokemon Shifter Building. Connect a second DS running Heartgold. There you will be able to transfer up to 6 Pokemon from Heartgold to Black/White. Make sure the Pokemon transfering have no items and do not know HM moves(Cut, Surf, Flash, ect) You can not trade or transfer from Black/White back to Heartgold.

What is the second Pokemon that bill's grandfather wants to see on DS heartgold?

well on Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal it's Oddish.