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If you curse as many times, then you get banned for about 24 hours.

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Q: What happens if you curse 2 times on club penguin?
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How do you ban yourself forever on Club Penguin?

-Curse three times (different curse words) -Ask a penguin for personal information -Abuse a penguin hope i helped :) I <33333 Ke$ha

What happens when you curse on club penguin?

then someone will probably report u and u will get kicked out or something like that depending on the word u use

What is the name of the newspaper in Club Penguin?

the club penguin times

What is a Club Penguin poem?

It is a poem that you can send into the club penguin times and it has to be about club penguin. one or two are chosen every week and you can subsmitt your own at the back of club penguin times!

What happens if you are a member and your Club Penguin gets banned three times?

You have to be banned four times to be banned forever.

How can you get banned from club penguin?

You can get banned for saying curse words or trying to cheat.

Where can you find old Club Penguin times on Club Penguin?

the boiler room

Who rights the Club Penguin times?

Aunt Arctic writes the Club penguin times! The person who contols Aunt Arctic would be the person who writes the club penguin times ;) Hope this helps!

How Long can you get banned for dating on club penguin when you are being appropriate?

You do not get banned for dating..... you can only be banned for saying curse words and such on club penguin. Trust me I have been on club penguin for 2 years and have never been banned for dating

What happens when you quit Club Penguin?

If you quit club penguin, your account will be automatically deleted in 60 days.

What happens if you swear on Club Penguin?

If you swear on club penguin you will be banned from club penguin for so long then you will be allowed back on unless you get banned FOREVER!!! willrr...

What happens if you get reported on Club Penguin?

You die