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If you swear on Club Penguin you will be banned from club penguin for so long then you will be allowed back on unless you get banned FOREVER!!!


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Q: What happens if you swear on Club Penguin?
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What happens if you say hell in club penguin?

if you say hell in club penguin there will be a big orange box on your screen and it will say you ban or it will say sever action do not swear in club penguin.

Will you get emailed if you swear on Club Penguin?


How do you swear on club penguin?

there is NO way u can swear i know sad

How can you die on Club Penguin?

You can't die on Club Penguin, but if you swear or get reported allot you can get booted off.

How can you talk on Club Penguin when your a member?

you can swear if your a member

Can you take off a penguin in Club Penguin?

no but you can gt banned if you swear to much

How do you get the shorts in Club Penguin?

The cheat is to swear really badly to another penguin

How do you swear on club penguin without being banned?

Grow up. There is no need to swear.

Is there a penguin on CP named poop?

no becasue its known as a swear word on club penguin

When you name a puffle a swear do you get banned on Club Penguin?

no mnbvrulez

Are there any games like club penguin that allow swearing?

yes there is its the first version of club penguin its called penguin chat but its boring but you can swear there

What are some consequences on Club Penguin?

If you swear then you will be banned for 24 hours.