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The Club Penguin Times is a newspaper that is publish every Thursday. It contains events and secrets. It also has a joke section, a puzzle sections and much more.

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Q: What is Club Penguin times on Club Penguin?
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What is the name of the newspaper in Club Penguin?

the club penguin times

What is a Club Penguin poem?

It is a poem that you can send into the club penguin times and it has to be about club penguin. one or two are chosen every week and you can subsmitt your own at the back of club penguin times!

Where can you find old Club Penguin times on Club Penguin?

the boiler room

Who rights the Club Penguin times?

Aunt Arctic writes the Club penguin times! The person who contols Aunt Arctic would be the person who writes the club penguin times ;) Hope this helps!

Does Club Penguin spoil kids?

Yes, my kids got addicted to club penguin just by playing on club penguin 5 times.

What is Club Penguin times?

The Club Penguin Times is the newspaper that is new every Thursday in the game, http//

How do you get out of the club penguin times?


Who is editor of the penguin times on Club Penguin?

Aunt Arctic is the editor of Penguin Times. She is green with a pink hat.

Can you type in the same cod multiple times on club penguin?

This is not possible with any code on club penguin.

Where do they keep the penguin times in Club Penguin?

Boiler Room, under the night club.

Which room has the Club Penguin times in it on Club Penguin?

the boiler room in the drawer there is some old newspapers

What day does the penguin times come out on club penguin?

every Thursday