What does the silencer do in MW2?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It reduces muzzle flash, and keeps your red dot appearing on the radar when you shoot. and it is snazzy and looks good on some guns.

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Q: What does the silencer do in MW2?
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What is better ump45 or p90 on mw2?

ump45 is better by far and when it has silencer it rules

In MW2 what is the best sniper to use to be completely silent?

any sniper with a silencer

How many kills do you need to unlock a heartbeat sensor in MW2?

15 kills with a silencer

What is the best sub machine gun map on cod mw2?

UMP45 w/silencer - Terminal

How do you get the title my lil pwny in mw2?

You hav to pristege aND GET 10 kills wit a silencer on ure gun afta unlokin challenges

What attachments should you use with the ump in MW2?

FMJ - good for all out attack. Silencer - good for behind enemy lines attack (used with cold-blooded)

What the bet class on MW2 for you at level 39?

i say use a ump45 with silencer I'm a 10th prestige and i use it its really great and for secondary id say maybe a spas12

How do you get the title silent veteran 2 Mw2?

Kill 50 enemies with a weapon that has a silencer equipped. Be sure that you are prestiged. Oh, by the way, the title is "Silent Veteran" with no '2' in front of it.

What class is best for a nuke on MW2?

ump45 with silencer spas 12 fmj semtex stun grenades marathon pro hardline pro commando pro final stand

What is a good Call of Duty MW2 demolition class?

F2000 Thermal + Heartbeat Sencor, AA12 Silencer + Extended Mags Perks: Bling Pro Hardline Pro Scrambler Pro

Are acr's on MW2 good?

Yes. In my opinion. I'm in third prestige currently, and yesterday I just unlocked my ACR. I usually use it with silencer and a thumper. Silenced ACR's are way over powered. That's why I use it.

What is the best search and destroy class for MW2?

M16A4 FMJ Silencer M93-Raffica Akimbo Silenced Claymore flash-bangs bling pro, cold blooded pro, ninja pro final stand.