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Mw2 doesn't have kill confirmed.

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Q: How do you find kill confirmed on mw2?
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Will there be more nazi zombies xbox 360?

No, but maybe something lookalike in MW2. Not confirmed.

How do you make a MW2 clan?

kill a dracowenprey

How do you neutralise the enemy forces on MW2?

kill them :/

How do you kill juggnauts on MW2?

By shooting them in the head.

When is the add on for MW2 coming out?

I heard the end of this month i think it was confirmed. So start saving :)

Can a pavelow kill you on MW2 if you stay still?


Where do you find a G3 in MW2?

there is no g3 in the game there is one in COD4 not MW2

On mw2 does the knife kills count as weapon kills?

anything used to kill can count as a kill

Why does money come out when you die in mw2?

It is a joke you get it when you get "payback" on someone you kill.

What is the best way to get a emergency airdrop in MW2?

kill enough ppl

Can anyone give you a speed infection on MW2 Please?

drugs kill

How do you get the c4 and after title in mw2?

Kill 15 enemies using C4.