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depends if you hit him with the launcher and up close

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Q: In mw2 does a grenade launcher kill count as a hipfire kill?
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In cod4 online does a grenade launcher kill count as a kill in the challenges?

yes it does m8

How do you get a double-kill in Halo?

Use a grenade, a rocket launcher & a target locator.

How do you kill a rock snail?

Put a rocket launcher through it or grenade the snail.

In mw2 if you fire an RPG without aiming does it count as a hipfire kill?

No, it actually counts as a dickfart or a skeetshot :D

How do you beat high explosive on modern warfare 2?

You have to get grenade launcher headshots, it will kill the juggernauts in one shot if you hit them to the head. So you have to get really good at aiming the grenade launcher rounds.

How do you get terminator in total miner forge?

You need to kill 200 enemies (spiders) with the grenade launcher.

How do you kill the moor in Soldier Of Fortune Payback?

find the grenade launcher and shoot the helicopter from close distance.

How do you get the noob tuber title in MW2?

must kill a enemy with a grenade launcher without detonation ( direct impact )

What is hipfire shot?

its were you kill someone with out using the scope

Which grenade launcher was used to kill the bad terminater?

In Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the T800 Terminator fired a 40x46mm grenade into the T2000 Terminator with an M79 grenade launcher. This didn't actually destroy the T2000 - falling into the molten steel after the damage sustained from the 40mm grenade is what destroyed the T2000 (then the T800 went into the molten steel voluntarily in order to be terminated).

How do you get the noobtube title in mw2?

Challenge: "Ouch" - Kill an enemy with a rifle-mounted grenade launcher without detonation. (Direct impact)

How do you get the OUCH Challenge on modern warfare 2?

Using a grenade launcher attachment or Thumper, make a direct impact kill on an enemy.