What is a good m4a1 class on MW2?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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M4A1- FMJ and Silencer

Model 1887- Akimbo and FMJ

Bling Pro

Stopping Power Pro

Ninja Pro

You should try the ACR too.

GT-xQSKxSCOPESx 10th prestige level 57 (legit)

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Q: What is a good m4a1 class on MW2?
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What is the best attachment for the m4a1 in mw2?

red dot sight

How do you get the m4a1 title in mw2?

unlock all the attachments or get 500 or more kills with it when you have prestiged

What is a good level 13 class in mw3?

Use the M4A1 with Quickdraw and Sleight of Hand with Stalker or Marksmen.

What is the best custum class on call of duty?

There is no best class in MW2 it all depends on your play style but if you just wanna go easy try out the M4A1 with a red dot sight slieght of hand, stopping power, steady aim, semtex a stun (animation goes faster than a flash or smoke) and a PP2000 with FMJ...

What are the top 10 class for mw2?

Well I don't have 10 but i do have 2 classes that i am beast with! M4a1 Red dot sight Spas-12 red dot sight Semtex Stun Sleight of hand stopping power commando Second class: m16 holographic spas12 any attachment clay-more stun sleight of hand cold blooded Ninja I hope these classes work for you!Good luck!

What game mode is best for headshots on modern warfare 2?

The best game mode for getting headshots in MW2 Domination. Domination is good for headshots beause there is no time limit and you can get as many headshots as possible, where as other game modes have time limits. As a player of MW2 i have gotten gold skulls for the P90, and M4A1. This was by playin Free for all and domination.

When was the m4a1 made?

where was made M4A1 ? m4a1 stands for m4 alpha 1

Is MW2 for the PS3?

Yes. (almost as good as the XBOX 360's mw2)

Is it good to prestige in MW2?


How do you unlock create a class on mw2?

i think it is unlocked after level 4

How do you get acog scope for m4a1 on modernwarefare2?

I believe you have to get 150 kills with the M4A1

What is the best class on mw2 xbox360 live plus getting a nuke?

M4A1-Silencer Spas, M9, or Model 1887 akimbo Scavenger Pro Stopping Power Pro/ Hardline Ninja Killstreak rewards are 7)Harrier 11) AC130 or Chopper Gunner 25)Tactical Nuke Just camp it out until you get a harrier, and that should do the rest of your dirty work.