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Q: What are good knife only names for mw2?
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What is the Tac Knife In MW2?

The tactical knife is a knife attachment that you can use to knife twice as fast.

Is there a high on knife call sign title in MW2?


Why do people knife only on MW2?

because it is a more challenging play style and it shows more skill towards the game....

How do you unlock the title blademaster in MW2?

kill 250 people with melee (knife, tactical knife)

What is the knife used in mw2 called?

Blackhawk Serrated Tatang

How do you get the STD challenge in mw2?

u have to knife somebody who has std as their title.

How do you get the title blade veteran in COD MW2?

get 50 knife kills

How do you get knife in on hand and a gun in the other on mw2?

tactical knife on a pistol. You can get it by getting I think 50 kills with that certain pistol.

Who is the best player on MW2 on xbox 360?

Knife S W A T1

How do you get the It's Personal title in MW2?

hurt someone and then finish them of with a throwing knife

How do you know how many knife kills you have done on mw2?

As the knife isn't listed as either a weapon or equipment in the challenges, there is no way of telling.

How do you unlock handgun emblems on mw2?

1000 kills with it ,tactical knife doesn't count.