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yeah u can u just hae 2 level up to level 7 and u unlock it and u put it as 1 of ur grenades but instead of being a grenade it is a throwing knife


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Q: Can you use a throwing knife in multiplayer MW2?
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What is the Tac Knife In MW2?

The tactical knife is a knife attachment that you can use to knife twice as fast.

If I get a new ps3 with a new harddisk but still use my same playstation multiplayer name will I lose my rank and score on cod mw2 multiplayer?

No, multiplayer stats are stored on the server.

Can you throw knives on cod modern warfere 1?

Go to Equipment in the create a class menu, you should unlock the Throwing Knife at lvl 7, just put Throwing Knife on as your Equipment, then, when in game, just push the R2 button to throw it. (R2 is the button to throw it on Ps3, i'm not sure what button it is for PC or Xbox)

Can anyone give me the MW2 classes you use?

$n!p3D: Intervention FMJ Striker Red Dot Sight Throwing Knife Stun Grenade Scavenger Pro Stopping Power Pro Commando Pro Copycat

Is any kitchen knife a good throwing knife?

No. For example, most steak knives are horrible throwing knives as the area where the blade meets the handle is not tapered and causes much air resistance. Throwing knives require lots of specialist training to properly use, and as such only certain types of knife are good for throwing. However, if you are trained, and have been using throwing knives for a long time, you may be able to use any sharp pointed object as a throwing knife.

How do you throw knives on call of duty modern warfare 2 for xbox 360?

CAMPAIGNYou use a throwing knife in the last level of campaign i think wen u gotta kill this guyMULTIPLAYER ( offline )In multiplayer OFFLINE you get to level 7 and you can add it as 1 of your grenades things but it will be the throwing knife but be careful where you throw it because you only get 1 but if u have scavenger on u can get dead peoples ones or u can just die and u will get resupplied with oneHOPE I HELPED :)

What kind of weapons does a ninja use?

katana (ninja sword), shruiken(Throwing spike thingy), and kunei(Throwing knife)

Where do you get the trowing knife in cod MW2?

You go to create-a-class(when you have create-a-class unlocked after level 4)and click on any one of your classes(at the beginning it will say custom classes 1,2,3,4,and 5 until you rename them). Once you click on one of your classes,go down to where it says equipment and click on it. There will be a list of thing to use as equipment. Click on the Throwing Knife and it will be on that create-a-class you chose. Note: You can do this for any of your classes.

How would you use booth in a sentence?

I dread visiting the ear-piercing booth at the mall. The knife-throwing booth is temporarily closed.

What guns did the shoshone use?

the shoshone Indians used ak-47s, hand grenades, m-16s, throwing knife, and 44 magnums

Is knife throwing safe?

Knife throwing, like any other recreational or sport activity, can be safe when practiced with proper care, training, and adherence to safety guidelines. However, it also carries inherent risks, and it is essential to approach it with caution. Here are some factors to consider regarding knife throwing safety: Training: Proper training and instruction are crucial. Beginners should seek guidance from experienced and qualified instructors. Learning the correct techniques and safety protocols can minimize the risk of accidents. Safety Equipment: Wear appropriate safety equipment, including safety glasses to protect your eyes from ricocheting knives or fragments. Designated Area: Knife throwing should take place in a designated and controlled area, preferably with a sturdy backstop or target board. Ensure there is a safe distance between the thrower and the target. Clear Range: Make sure the range is clear of people, pets, or any obstructions that could be struck by a thrown knife. Inspection: Regularly inspect your throwing knives to ensure they are in good condition. Any damaged or compromised knives should not be used. Non-Throwing Hand: Keep your non-throwing hand and body well away from the path of the knife at all times. Practice: Develop your skills through consistent practice, starting with simple and safe techniques before attempting more advanced throws. Solo Practice: Knife throwing is best practiced solo, as throwing knives while others are nearby can be dangerous. Alcohol and Substance Use: Avoid throwing knives under the influence of alcohol or substances that impair judgment and coordination. Supervision: If teaching knife throwing to children or beginners, closely supervise them and ensure they follow safety guidelines. No Trick Shots: Avoid attempting trick shots or risky throws that may increase the likelihood of accidents. Know Your Knife: Different types of knives are used for throwing, and they have specific characteristics. Ensure you are using a knife designed for throwing, as regular knives are not suitable. Emergency Response: Have a plan for responding to accidents or injuries. Be familiar with basic first aid procedures. It's important to recognize that knife throwing is a skill that requires time and practice to develop proficiency. Accidents can happen, even to experienced practitioners, so it's essential to prioritize safety at all times. If you are new to knife throwing or uncertain about your ability, seek training from a qualified instructor or participate in supervised sessions at a knife-throwing range. Always approach the activity with the utmost care and respect for safety guidelines.

What is the best handgun on MW2?

It all depends on what your style is. Do you run around and shoot anything that moves? Desert Eagle or Magnum then. If you are more of a stealth person use M9 or Usp silenced. Always use tactical knife or akimbo though.