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yes, sorta. Go to game data utility, at the top of the game tab, delete your mw2 data. This will delete your purchased maps from the hard drive, if you have any, and the patch. Then use a patch blocker from the internet to access online without downloading the patches. Then go to splitscreen or LAN party. You won't be able to get into a multiplayer game without the patch, since everyone else has to play with the patch. This should allow you to do elevator glitch now.

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Q: Can you unpatch elevater glitches in mw2?
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Are the glitches for MW2 patched for xbox360?


Mw2 glitcheswhat are the mw2 glitches?

There are a number of glitches. A couple of them are Elevators. Wall breach. Riot Surfing and more. No there your mom. Yes it is!

Can you get banned using glitches in MW2?

Yes you can.

What glitches are there for MW2?

only elevators but they are patched

What map has the most glitches in mw2?


How can you unpatch glitches on black ops without removing other map packs?

You can't, the updates patch everthing and you can't delete the update by itself >:(

What glitches have they patched for MW2?

the models used to shoot farther but they patched it.

How do you find elevator glitches MW2?

Elevators Do Not Work Anymore After The DashBoard Patch!!

Is there any glitches for MW2 PS3?

Add warkid10 for all infections & C-L PS3

Are there any glitches on the map rust on MW2?

Yes, You can climb in the pipe and shoot out but people cant shoot in.

Have all gliches been patched on mw2?

No, but there are some glitches that the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 don't share and ones that they do share. Every console has different glitches, but sometimes, they have the same.

Have the workers at sony patched all the glitches on mw2 for the PS3?

no, wall breaches and elevators still work. elevators can't be patched