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when you throw a poke doll at a pokemon it makes you able to run, but also if you fly to saffron city and go up two roads to the left and take a right and go into the pink house go up the stairs and talk to the girl and she will say I will give you the magnet train pass if you can find my poke doll I lost it somewhere in vermilion city. Then fly to vermilion city and go to the poke club and go in. Talk to the guy with the poke doll in front of him. He will give it to you to give to the girl that will give you the pass. then go out then a guy comes and tells you that he saw latios [heartgold lotais]. Then you will be able to see him on your map. then back to saffron city and go talk to the girl and she will give you the pass.

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Q: What does the poke doll do in Pokemon silver?
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Where to get a poke doll in Pokemon Soul Silver?

You get the doll from the Pokemon Fan Club in Vermillion City. Talk to the guy (Pudgy, Pink Shirt) at the table! =]

How do you get the poke doll for copycat in Pokemon soul silver?

go to poke fan club in vermillion talk to guy who says he found a Doll. should be guy dIreCtly in front of entrance. K or at least in front of the door.

How do you find the mimic in soul silver?

hive the copycat girl in saffron city a poke doll and she will teach one of your Pokemon mimic

In Pokemon Soulsilver what do you do after your rival returns the Pokemon?

Go to a big blue house in Saffron City and talk to the little girl copycat upstairs and she will say that she lost her favorite poke doll clefairy. Then go to Vermilon City and go into the poke fan club and talk to the fat guy sitting at the table and he give the poke doll and go out and the league champ of the Hoen region will talk to you and he will say that latias has flew out of hoen and into Kanto. Then return the poke doll to copycat and she will give you the magnet train pass.

Where is the poke doll in Pokemon Red and blue?

It is in the Pokemon Fan Club in Vermillion City

Pokemon SoulSilver how to get a Poke doll?

you can buy them at almost any pokmart

Where is the poke doll in Pokemon Yellow?

A Pokedoll is in the Celadon Department Store.

How do you get poke doll for copycat if she already has one?

If it's a special poke doll, it's in the vermilion city Pokemon fan club. A fat guy has it (meany).

Where do you get poke flute on Pokemon Silver?

There is no Poke Flute item in Pokemon Silver. Instead, the player can have their radio upgraded in Lavender Town. It will then play a station that can play the Poke Flute tune.

How you get the poke flute in Pokemon soul silver?

From a man in the Pokemon tower.

What does poke doll do?

The Poke doll distracts Pokémon

How do you get poke flute in blue?

Heres a big cheat to get the poke flute go to celadon city and buy a poke doll located on floor 4 then go to Pokemon tower then find the ghost that block's the stairs then use the poke doll to flee and go upstairs and beat the rockets then get the poke flute.