What does ndsi stand for?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ndsi stands for N d s i

i u c n

n a r t

t l e e

e e r

n n n

d e

o t


I standing for 'eye' as in camera.

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Q: What does ndsi stand for?
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Ndsi arrival in Australia?

sure , NDSI have been sold in Australia now. H-Flying Technology Co., Ltd.

How much is a NDSi?

They are 169.99 before taxs.

Are NDSi games different to NDS games?

Yes, they are different. The NDSi games are slightly enhanced and are built mainly with the DSi in mind. Therefore, since the DSi has a better processor, NDsi games generally have better frames per second when played on the Nintendo DSi.

Does a ndsi have a camera?

yes is does i think it has 2 one in and out

Does the NDSi Game Card work on the DSi?

Yes, it will.

Is the Nintendo DSi out of date?

The NDSi is out of date since the Nintendo 3DS was released. Games and software released are usually for the Nintendo 3DS and not many games are being released for the NDSi.

How do you download msn on the DSi?

You cannot download MSN for the NDSi

Does Nintendo DS lite have a camera?

No, but the new NDSi has one.

Does mp4 music work on ndsi?

yes it does the ndsi allows .acc types of music files and mp4 falls in that category. mp3 files won't work though so u have to convert it

Are the games for Nintendo DS Lite and Nintendo DSi the same?

They are basically the same and can be played on both systems. The only difference is that the NDSi games are slightly enhanced with better graphics for the NDSi system.

How do you change time in diamond and pearl?

Edit on your NDS, NDSL or NDSI.

Can dsi play games?

Yes, the NDSi can play games. These include NDS games as well as NDSi enhanced games and DSi ware games. They cannot play GBA games or 3DS games.