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No, but the new NDSi has one.

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Q: Does Nintendo DS lite have a camera?
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Does a Nintendo you have a camera?

Yes, but only the nintendo DSI (not DS Lite).

What is the difference between Nintendo ds and Nintendo ds i?

the ds i has a camera and is available in different colors than the regular ds, and the ds lite

Can you play Nintendo DS lite games on a Nintendo DS i?

Yes you can play Nintendo DS games on a Nintendo ds lite.

Who is the creator of the Nintendo DS lite?

The creator of Nintendo DS Lite is the company Nintendo.

Can a Nintendo DSi connect with a Nintendo DS or DS Lite?

The DSI has a whole bunch of new features, flipnote studio, sounds, camera (etc.), it has almost everything a DS lite has except for the game boy slot thingy, the dsi doesnt have that. But it has everything else

Is a Nintendo DS better than a Nintendo DS Lite?

No, the lite is better.

When was Nintendo DS Lite created?

Nintendo DS Lite was created in 2006.

What is the difference between a Nintendo Ds lite and a Nintendo ds i?

The Nintendo DSi has a lot more features than the DS Lite. * A built-in camera * voice recorder * Internet interaction * it's thinner _______________________________________________________________________ The DSi sadly can't play GBA games But Can play all the games that work with the Ds Lite.

Where can you get a cheap Nintendo DS Lite?

You can find a cheap Nintendo DS Lite on Craiglist.

Is the lime green a DS or a DS lite?

It is a Nintendo Ds Lite

How do you turn off the camera on your DS or DSi?

The camera is only 'on' when you activate it from the menu or through an application. When you exit these, the camera is off. The Nintendo DS or DS lite does not have camera so you cannot turn it on in the first place.

Can the Nintendo DS lite take pictures?

No, as it lacks a camera. The DSi, DSi XL and 3DS do have a camera and can take pictures.