What is r4 gold?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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R4 Gold is the newest type of r4. It works on nds, ndsi and ndsixl. you can download games, movies and music onto it.

There are many r4 gold card in the market currently. Most of them can run games and medias on Nintendo 3DS,DSi and DS cosnole.

Such as r4 gold 3ds card from, r4 gold v2.0 from and so on!

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Q: What is r4 gold?
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Is there a 1.4 r4i?

R4 gold is one r4 gold v2 is a better one

What wood R4 should you use for a R4 PRO?

sorry it only works on regular r4'sWood r4 is an unofficial software for r4i gold and r4 card. It is compatible with following flashards:R4i Gold V1.4.1, R4i Gold V1.4.2 and R4i Gold 3DS card from 3DS card from DS card from

Is r4 III compatible with wood r4?

No, but there is an alternate version of it called WAIO (Wood All-in-One) which works with a good number of R4 clones. No, R4-III can't run wood r4 kernel. Woo r4 is an unofficial kernel for r4 ds and r4 3ds card, it can be used in following flashcards: 1. R4 DS card from (now, official website is 2. R4idsn 3DS card from 3. R4i Gold 3DS and R4i Gold V1.4.1 card from Yes,R4 III don't work with wood R4 kernel Wood R4 kernel compatible with R4 DS card,R4 gold 3DS,R4IDSN.

How much is r4 gold?

the price will depend which one do you want,r4 gold just can support DS,and r4i gold suport DSi the latest r4i gold 3ds support the 3DS console. In 2017, it has a price tag of $20.5 in 3ds-flashcard store.

Where can you get R4i gold card in UK?

R4 cards are illegal in the UK.

How do you use a gold r4 card?

Ok. This works the same as a normal r4, for starters. You need their "boot menu" from the r4ds website. After that, just follow the built in instructions (install to root of sd card) You can use R4 Gold card with 5 steps: 1. Download latest r4 gold kernel from official website. 2. Unzip the patch, you can get some files. 3. Copy all files to the root directory of the TF card. 4. Copy some games to the TF card. 5. Insert the TF card to the R4 Gold card, and connect the R4 gold card to the Nintendo console. Turn on the console to play games.

What is Wood R4 Firmware?

Wood R4 is a custom firmware for the infamous 'R4' flash cart for the Nintendo DS. This firmware allows new features that newer flash carts have, such as compatibility with newer games. There is a separate version of the Wood R4 available for the R4i Gold. The latest wood r4 kernel is wood r4 V1.37, which was released on Sep 30th.

Can you trade Pokémon from Pokémon platinum to R4 Pokémon heart gold?

of course you can. i always trade Pokemon from my r4 Pokemon diamond to my soul silver

Where can you buy a r4 card for 3ds?

there are a lot of online sites to sell those r4 cards, just be careful of the R4 clone cards, there are many cards called R4 in the market, if you plan to buy a r4 card for your 3DS, i would recommend you buy r4i gold 3ds or supercard dstwo, both of them are working great on your 3ds.

Why wont R4 cards work in your dsi XL?

It has anti-piracy protections that prevents a lot of flashcards from being used on it. There are many r4 XL card, which can support Nintendo DSi console. such as r4i gold card from,r4i gold v2.0 from,r4i sdhc card,r4 XL,dstti and so on.

What is the latest kernel of R4i Gold 3DS?

WOOD R4 Kernel V1.59 Released on 2013.05.20

What do you do if your nds Pokemon heart gold game on r4 keeps freezing with black screens?

If that is the only game that freezes, then the rom must be faulty. You may as well download another rom and put it into your r4. If it happens with all your games, then the software in your r4 might be faulty.