Download R4 DS menu.dat

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Download R4 DS menu.dat
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Where do you download R4?

IF you mean R4 DS, then you have to buy it.. you cant just download it.

Does any one have a ds R4 Internet download?

Dose anyone have a Internet download for R4???

What is the r4 ds used for?

An R4 is used to store DS games you download off the Internet so you don't have to buy DS games anymore you just download them

What is a r4 ds?

An R4 is basically a mod chip for the Nintendo DS console. You can download games from the internet and put them on your R4 card and play the games on your Nintendo DS.

How can you download the system files for r4 on Nintendo ds?

u go to the r4 website (go to google type in site r4 ds) then go to downloads and select the files u want to download

How do you get free r4 menu for ds?

You download the R4 menu off the website, what do you think?

How do you download R4 ds software?

search on

Can you download super smash brothers on you r4 ds card?


What is a R4 card for the ds.?

A r4 card is a card you can use to download games on, so you can play them eaiser!

Where can you download R4 ds menu.dat?

well, one way is to use one of the menus thats in the setting, or check on google for "R4 ds menus"

How do you put r4 menu on r4 card?

This is an easy one. Go to the r4 site and download the latest kernel under the download section. Put all that on your microSD the plug it into the DS.

How do you get gardening mama for free?

if you have a ds chip/r4 you can download it and put it on it