How do you put r4 menu on r4 card?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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This is an easy one. Go to the r4 site and download the latest kernel under the download section. Put all that on your microSD the plug it into the DS.

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Q: How do you put r4 menu on r4 card?
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How do you get the r4 menu back on?

there is a "menu" folder inside the r4 3ds kernel. you can connect the SD card to computer, and change this folder to edit the menu on r4 3ds card.

What is R4 in Pokemon Pearl?

R4DS is a card which allows you to put on ROMs and play them on the R4 card.

You have an r4 card and ive deleted some games to put others on but wen you put it in your ds it comes up with a pik of a memory card and padlock saying menu what can you do?

i dont know same hapenend to me so i download kernal and i put it micro sd thingy and it still says menu

How do you get flash player on the dsi with sd card?

its impossible to put flash player on the DSI.You need to buy a r4 card. put the kernel and roms into the SD card, then play dsi with the r4 card and sd card.

Will the action replay work if i put in a r4 card?


How do you get your r4 ds card card to work?

to use the r4 card, you also need a MicroSD card, which is used for game and r4 kernel loading. 1. download the latest r4 kernel from official website, it is a zipped patch. 2. Unzip the patch, you can get several files. 3. Copy all files to the root directory of the MicroSD card. 4. Download some games, unzip it, and put them to the root directory of the MicroSD card. Insert the MicroSD card into the r4 card, and put r4 card into the console, then you can start to play games.

How do you unblock an R4 on your DSi?

R4 has released a firmware update. So just put the newer one on your r4 card and it will work.

What are r4 cards used for?

R4 card is used to play games by downloading from internet. you can download as much games and put it in r4 card depending on the size of R4 card(2gb, 4gb etc).u can even listen songs on it.(u can see it on youtube that how to put songs on R4 card).u can store pics in it(use youtube for it).u can theme ur r4 card(youtube)u can watch movies and clips on r4 card(youtube) hope u enjoy. i hope i helped.BY; Saad Ashraf (saad 2 sid) thnX

How do you get free r4 menu for ds?

You download the R4 menu off the website, what do you think?

Where can you get an r4 with games already on it?

I don't know, you need to go to a outland that's sells r4, they will ask you what game you want in it. If you don't know how to put games on r4, just download a ROM on, and then put the sd card or microsd card into the computer, and then put the roms on it and then put the microsd card back into the ds and play it.

How do you put cheats onto your R4 card?

you download cheat code editor from the r4 website find the game id search for codes put it on save it to your system folder on your r4 and your done.

How do you use a R4 DS?

Well once you buy the r4 ds you will find that in the box there is the r4 card, a usb stick and a micro sd chip whip goes in the top of the r4card where the space is. you put the micro sd chip in the r4 and put it in your ds. turn it on once it is on and it has loaded there will be three options game multimedia and slot 2. hope this helps. You need a MicroSD card to load the kernel and game Roms. Just download the kernel and game files to the Root directory of TF card. The put the TF card to r4 ds card, and insert r4 ds card to NDS. you can start to play games.