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R4 has released a firmware update. So just put the newer one on your r4 card and it will work.

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Q: How do you unblock an R4 on your DSi?
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Can you play the ds r4 on dsi?

No, the R4 for the DS will not work on the DSi

R4 how to use in dsi?

You will have to buy R4i, because R4 doesn't work on DSi.

Can you use a R4 on a DSI?

No you can't use the original R4 on the DSI, but there is something called R4i that's supposed to work on the DSI.

What can the r4i do?

An r4i can let you back up the games that you already have (please note an r4i only works on a dsi and dsi XL if you do not have a dsi or a dsi XL you will have to get a normal r4 but do not be sad a normal r4 cando everything an r4 can).

Can the dsi and ds lite use a r4?

you can use a r4 for ds lites but with dsi's there is a different type of r4 sorry i dont know the name of it

Should you get a Dsi action replay or a R4?

You should get a Dsi action replay it rocks totally! (R4 sucks)

Is the Nintendo DSi compatible with R4?

No, the DSi's anti-piracy functionality stops R4's being used.

How do you get the DSI to see the r4 3ds card?

All r4 3ds cards can directly support dsi console. No need to do anything. Just insert the r4 3ds card into the dsi console, it can be read.

Will R4 cards for the dsi work on the dsi XL?


Can you download games on R4 of Nintendo DSi?

Yes, that is what the R4 is made to do.

Does R4 works on dsi?

Only if you buy a R4i DS.If you have DSi Firmaware 1.4 , you will need to make sure the box says "v1.4!" Original R4 DS card can't work on DSi. There are many r4 dsi card in the world. which can run on Nintendo DSiXL, DSiLL, DSi, DS and DS lite.

Which r4 card goes into dsi?