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you download cheat code editor from the r4 website find the game id search for codes put it on save it to your system folder on your r4 and your done.

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Q: How do you put cheats onto your R4 card?
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Cheats on R4?

to put chetas onto your r4 you first must download the cheats or buy an action replay card to use the cheats you downloaded you put them in your r4 system folder and make sure it is a dat file

How do you put cheats onto your r4?

there already on it

Are there any cheats for Eragon DS?

There is but you have to have a R4 card to put cheats on. But they cost a lot of money.

Do you need R4 to use cheats on Pokemon Pearl?

you need an r4 an ace card etc to get cheats or hack in to your chip to get cheats on one of these chips go to Google and type Pokemon pearl cheats for r4.

Can you do cheats without a cheat card or a r4 card?

yes but u have to know how to use it

What is a R4 card?

an R4 card is a ds game that you can download games onto it cost £15 and holds 25 games

Where can you download r4 cheats?

You can download R4 cheats from It uses the same codes as Action Replay. Input these codes with the R4 Cheat Editor. Which you can download on its official site which is written on the card

What is R4 in Pokemon Pearl?

R4DS is a card which allows you to put on ROMs and play them on the R4 card.

Can you put ds games from a ds game card onto a desktop to load on to a r4 card?

ye but you need a converter like this a hope it help

How do you download the cheats and codes onto your Nintendo ds?

Either get an R4, or an action replay.

How do you put cheats on r4?

You need to go on the internet and type in r4 download and then get a usb to download games.

Where can you find r4 cheats?

Well I have an r4 and mine has cheats but not for all games. First your r4 will come with cheats or not. If it does some games will have cheats. And enable them.