What does bdu stand for in camo?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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BDU = Battle Dress Uniform

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Q: What does bdu stand for in camo?
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Why did the army switch over to digital camo?

I believe it was for the changing environment from the forest to the deserts over in irag and Afghanistan BDU to DCU

Where do you get mariens digital bdu?

Many Army/Navy stores, including AFMO, carry Marines marpat woodland BDU's.

How do you tell the difference between winter BDUs from Summer BDUs?

if you look closely at the summer bdu's you'll see small square-like patterns. the summer bdu's are lighter and breath more than the winter bdu's

What is the regulation for the Air force rank insignia on the new BDU uniform?

Halfway between the elbow when bent and the shoulder seam of the BDU top.

What are Propper BDU Pants?

Propper is a manufacturer of military and tactical clothing among other apparel items. Many of there products are available for purchase online and in Army Navy surplus stores. BDU Pants are one of their products and make up part of the Battle Dress Uniform in combination with a BDU Coat, BDU Hat, T-Shirt, and other necessary accessories.

Are bdu pants waterproof?

There are some waterproofed BDU out there but the standard that you would get from a surplus are not. However, I have spent 7 hours in approx. 3 feet of snow in a rain storm wearing nothing but long underwear, BDU, and what I would wear on a normal day and i was just fine.

Is there an alpha black camo graphic kit?

You can buy a camo alpha black, or if your on a budget, get some camo tape and wrap it.

How do you get the gold camo on Call of Duty Black Ops?

Get to 14th prestige, and then buy the gold camo for 50,000 COD points from the camo list.

Will there be gun camo in modern warfare 2?

Yes. There will be all of the camo types from COD 4. They are also adding snow, and I think urban camo.

How do you get gold camo after 14 prestigest on black ops?

buy te camo

Did Browning do the camo process on the Buckmark MS Camo 22?

IIRC it was contracted out.

When was Lito Camo born?

Lito Camo was born on 1973-12-25.