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you cant get camo's on secondaries

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โˆ™ 2011-02-09 11:53:47
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Q: How do youi get fall camo on a shotgun in cod MW2?
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What is the best mw2 camo?

as in most headshots? that's the Fall camo. idk which one looks the best

Can you have coustom camo on MW2?


Can you get black camouflage for the M21 EBR in mw2?

No. The camo is the same for the EBR as the rest of the weapons. You start with Desert/Arctic, and unlock in the order of: Woodland, Urban, Blue Tiger, Red Tiger, Fall.

What is best gun on cod MW2?

the best gun would be the scar-h with the holographic sight and FMJ i think that the best gun would be the ACR with a red dot sight and fall camo =)

What is the best shotgun in MW2?

Akimbo Model 1887.

How do you get all camos for your guns in mw2?

To get all the camos for your guns ur gonna have to make headshots. The last camo you can get for your gun is to get 250 headshots to get fall camo,150 headshots to get red tiger,75 headshots to get blue tiger,30 headshots urban, 15 headshots digital, and 5 headshots for woodland

How do you unloc the tenth prestige spining emblem?

you unlock that when you have unlocked every attachment and every camo for every gun in mw2

How many shot are in a aa-12 shotgun on MW2?

The AA12 has a 8 round magazine.

How do you do a shotgun jump on mw2?

You put the health on double. in private match optional: put on friendly fire ANd right before / when he shoots you with a shotgun jump and youll shotgun jump!

When will the second map pack come out for MW2?

Fall, 2010

What is the best way to get intervention head shots in MW2?

If you're only going for headshots, (as if to get a certain camo), the thermal scope makes enemies easier to see.

Can anyone hack you mw2 ps3 I will give you enough headshots for every camo. Psn zAuXmxttz?

Most definitely, it's been done numerous of times

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