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no u have to have a single shotgun handgun or watever to aim down the sight

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Q: In MW2 if you have akimbo can you aim down the sights?
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How good is akimbo g18 in MW2?

very, especially if you have the Bling pro perk and rapid fire. akimbo weapons are good for close range, but restrict the aim down sight ability.

How can you get steady aim faster on mw2?

use akimbo weapons like the 1887s or the p90s

How do you fix the model 1887 in MW2?

You have too have bling pro and have fmj and akimbo models and then have stopping power also steady aim. :)

How do you aim down sights in Minecraft?

you dont.

What is ADS in cod MW2?

Aim down Sight :D

What does slight of hand pro do?

Aim down the sights and reload faster

What is ads on xbox Call of Duty?

ADS = aim down sights

In call of duty modern warfare 2 what is ABS?

If you are meaning ADS it means aim down sights and when you get sleight of hand pro it means you can aim down your iron sights faster than normal. Good for quickscoping.

How did World War 1 destroyers aim their guns?

down the sights idiot

How do you aim down the sights on uberstrike?

Right click hold it not sure how you shoot though

Where is the aim button on the controller of black ops?

The default Aim Down Sights button on Xbox 360 and PS3 is the Left Trigger.

How do you aim down sights while reloading?

You can't unless it's certain shot guns. It's caused by you spectating a person while they have almost finished realoding but the game on your screen shows the entire reloading. So basiclay it's a lag/delay in the game(mw2)