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The AA12 has a 8 round magazine.

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Q: How many shot are in a aa-12 shotgun on MW2?
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What is a good Call of Duty MW2 demolition class?

F2000 Thermal + Heartbeat Sencor, AA12 Silencer + Extended Mags Perks: Bling Pro Hardline Pro Scrambler Pro

How do youi get fall camo on a shotgun in cod MW2?

you cant get camo's on secondaries

How do you do a shotgun jump on mw2?

You put the health on double. in private match optional: put on friendly fire ANd right before / when he shoots you with a shotgun jump and youll shotgun jump!

Does fmj work on the shotgun attachment for an assault rifle on mw2?

Well i don't think so as i think fmj will only work on the assualt rifle not the shotgun

How do you get mw2 grassy knoll title?

Get 50 one-shot kills with a sniper rifle.

What is the best mini uzi class in mw2?

For search, i use mini uzi w/ silencer aa12 w/ red dot (secondary doesnt really matter) semtex stun marathon pro stopping power pro ninja pro

In MW2 if you have akimbo can you aim down the sights?

no u have to have a single shotgun handgun or watever to aim down the sight

How Many times CAN you prestige in MW2?

You can Prestige in MW2 precisely 10 times.

How do you get gold guns in mw2?

Golden guns in mw2 is not true i got max head shot for all my guns but no golden sry... but trust me its good without it ------------------------------------ You can't unless you hack.

What should be your secondary gun in MW2?

If your up close i would say any shotgun or hand gun with attached knife

What is the most common way to die in MW2?

Get shot !!!!!!!!!!!!!! unless u are muslum then suicide! (SCAR sucks)

Is it hard to tell when your being shot at in MW2 when the blood is turned off?

The blood setting has no effect on the damage indicator