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these are all great pokemon but i would have to go with garchomp. he's the fastest and has the most power!


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Q: What do you recommend Garchomp salamence or Dragonite Pokemon?
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Can you rate my Pokemon lineup of Arcanine dragonite Tyranitar salamence Garchomp and Metagross?

That's a great team

What is the top 5 best pre-legendary Pokemon?

1. Garchomp 2. Hydreigon 3. Tyrantior 4. Salamence 5. Dragonite

What are all the dragon Pokemon in all games?

FINAL EVOLUTIONS: dragonite kingdra garchomp salamence flygon dialga palkia giratina rayquaza altaria

What is the non legendary strongest Pokemon?

Kanto: Dragonite Johto: Tyranitar Hoenn: Salamence Sinnoh: Garchomp Unova: Haxorus or Hydregion

What is Dragonite's place in the pokemon world rankings?

Dragonite's ranking is 14th* If you have any questions about world rankings, aske me** *Mew, Garchomp, Salamence and some others are also 14th. **Pikachu is 412th XD

What is the best Pokemon obtainable on diamond?

garchomp, dragonite, milotic, dialga, giratina garchomp, dragonite, milotic, dialga, giratina

Is salamence a lengendary Pokemon?

Salamence is a great Pokemon but it is hard to train. It is way more powerful then either flygon or kingdra. If I were you I wouldn't get garchomp because it cant fly but I would get dragonite because it is equally powerful. Most legendary dragons aren't very powerful.

How do you get Palkia in Pokemon Rumble?

release a Blastoise, Gyarados, Dragonite, Empoleon, and Garchomp and a Dragonite, Bastiodon, Lucario, Garchomp, and Magnezone for dialga

What are the six best dragon types Pokemon?

uber-- arceus holding dragon plate, zekrom, reshiram, dialga, rayquaza,giratina overused- dragonite, salamence, garchomp, hydreigon, haxurous, kingdra.

Is salamence a legendary Pokemon?

Salamence is not a legendary Pokemon, but it is a powerful dragon-flying type. Along with Dragonite, Salamence is considered a pseudo-legendary by fans based on their high base stats.

What Pokemon in Pokemon Ranger has 4 crush?

Salamence, Garchomp, that's all I can remember, but there's more

How does your Pokemon platinum team look?

Lvl 90 Dragonite Lvl 91 Salamence Lvl 100 Garchomp Lvl 89 Altaria Lvl 95 Giratina Lvl 95 Dialga Yes I like Dragon types