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If you breed a female Skitty and a male Wailord then you get a Skitty but if you breed a female Wailord and a male Skitty then you'll get a Wailmer.

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Q: What do you get when you breed skitty and wailord in Pokemon?
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What can you breed skitty with?


Can you breed different Pokemon?

Yes, as long as they are in the same egg group. It is even possible to breed Wailord and Skitty.

Can you breed a vulpix in platinum?

If you have a Vulpix in ditto, or a female Vulpix with another Pokemon that is the opposite sex. (I've breed numerous Pokemon such as Arcanine with Dugtrio, Eevee with Any of its evolutions, Mightyena, Skitty, and more including Skitty with Wailord). So in my opinion it's a god idea to breed your Pokemon because if you breed a variety of Pokemon that are compatible with another you end up with Pokemon that know/can learn moves that they normally wouldn't be able to learn.

What Pokemon can breed with a wailord on Pokemon platinum?

it can breed with seaking, gyarados, lanturn,qwilfish,octillery,sharpedo,wailord,whiscash,relicanth,luvdisc,lumineon, and all of their previous forms

Where can you find a skitty in Pokemon black?

there is no trainer with skitty in black 2. you'll have to trade with someone who was white 2 or in a different gen. if you have delcatty in your pokedex, go the gts in the pokemon center and seek for one so you can breed it.

What type of Pokemon is Skitty?

Skitty is a Normal type pokemon.

How do you get skitty on pokemon sapphire?

You can get skitty in route 116

How do you get wailord in Pokemon Black?

wailord is in undella bay

What is a skitty kitty?

A skitty is a Pokemon that looks like a cat.

Where do you get skitty in Pokemon White?

You can't get a skitty in Pokemon white unless you migrate it from another game.

How do you kill the old man at the day care in sapphire?

Well, you'll need a Wailord, and a Skitty. They are in the same egg group, and thus can mate. When the Skitty explodes, the resulting blast will decimate him.

Can you catch a skitty in safari zone in Pokemon silver?

No, Skitty is not in that generation.