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wailord is in undella bay

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Q: How do you get wailord in Pokemon Black?
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Where do you find a wailord on Pokemon black?

you cant because its a pokemon from the hoen series you have to poke transfer it from a diferent game

Where do you find wailord in Pokemon black?

Very Rare in Undella Bay or evolve Wailmer.

Is wailord good?

Wailord does not currently evolve into any pokemon, but it does have the pre-evolution wailmer.

How do you get wailord in pokemon white?

get wailmer and level it up in battle and you will have a wailord.

Is wailord or Groudon larger?

Wailord is the largest Pokemon followed by groudon.

What level can you catch wailmer?

The Pokemon Wailmer evolves into Wailord at level 40 on Pokemon Black.

Where Can you Find Wailord in Pokemon Sapphire?

Wailord is an immense Water type Pokemon. It can be encountered in the wild in Pokemon Sapphire while Surfing on Route 129.

Is wailord a legendary Pokemon?

Wailord is not a legendary pokemon. Legendary pokemon are pokemon that typically play some role in the story, and can not evolve from anything or into anything. They also can not be hatched from eggs. Wailord plays no major role (if any) in the main stream pokemon games, and it evoles from Wailmer. Therefore, wailord is unable to be classified as a legendary pokemon. While wailord can be difficult to find in some generations and is often considered powerful and cool, it is not a legendary pokemon. I wrote this answer to help explain to my cousin that wailord is not a legendary even when he insists that it is for various reasons. I hope this was helpful and help led you understand legendary pokemon as a whole.

Can you catch a wailord with a super rod in Pokemon emerald?

No, but a 45 wailmer is basically a wailord.

What Pokemon evolves from a Wailmer?

A wailord

Who is the heviest Pokemon?

Easy... Wailord

Why do you need a wailord to catch a registeel in emerald?

You do not need a Wailord to catch a Registeel in Pokemon Emerald. You may need a Wailord or any other water-type Pokemon to surf to the place where you catch Registeel, but other than that, you don't need a Wailord.