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You cannot catch Wailord. You can, however, catch Wailmer, which evolve into Wailord starting at level 40.

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Q: Where to find a wild wailord in Pokemon ruby?
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Where Can you Find Wailord in Pokemon Sapphire?

Wailord is an immense Water type Pokemon. It can be encountered in the wild in Pokemon Sapphire while Surfing on Route 129.

What are the chances of finding a wild wailord in Pokemon sapphire?

The chances of finding a wild Wailord is 1% while surfing in Route 129.

Where do wild wailord appear?

In ruby, sapphire, or emerald, wild wailord appear on route 129 by surfing around. They are very rare though ( 1%), so be prepared!!!!!!!!!!! Hope this helps!

Does a wild wailord know dive in Pokemon diamond?

hope this helped

How do you get the lightball in Pokemon ruby?

You can find a lightball on wild Pikachu, but it is very rare.

Where to find banette in Pokemon Ruby?

Wild Banette can be found in Sky Pillar.

How do you catch a Wailord in the wild?

AnswerIt may seem strange, but it is possible to encounter a Wailord in the wild. On rare occasions, you may encounter a Wailord if you Surf Route 129 in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald. However, due to its rarity, you may not enounter it straight away. Don't let this discourage you. you may also encounter it on the way to victory roadi found it on the way and so can you =)

Where to find a shroomish in Pokemon FireRed pokemon?

Shroomish is not available to be caught in the wild in Pokemon FireRed, it must be traded from Ruby or Sapphire.

Where can you find a wild liloone in Pokemon ruby?

wild linoones can be found in routes 118 - 123. especially on route 123.

How do you find a Snorlax in Pokemon Ruby?

Unfortunately there are no wild Snorlax in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald. The Snorlax must be traded from Firered or Leafgreen, or gained using a gameshark.

Where do you find a wailord?

In Pokémon sapphire/ruby/emerald, you can find them by using Super Rod near Ever Grande City. In D/P/Pl, wild Wailord, from what I've seen, are found in between the two lower areas (in the water) of the battle frontier island place by surfing. You can also catch a wailmer and train it to lv40 to evolve into a Wailord.

Where can you find sedat in Pokemon sapphire?

Seedot can't be caught in the wild in Pokemon Sapphire. You must trade it from Ruby or Emerald.