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When you beat the game with the green knight you will get the royal guard which is the character with chains covering his face and sand colored armor. you find him in the desert levels. and if you beat the game with the royal guard then you will get the saracen which is the brown guy that can make a sand tornado and make a wind of sand, he has straps of cloth on his head and body making him a desert fighter.

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Q: What do you get if you beat castle crasher with the green knight?
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the first leaf is in the room with the five holes (outside) and a monster inside them. The second one is inside the castle. You have to beat all the enemies in the second room of the castle. The third is in the castle too but you have to get through the castle and go to a room with a red monster and you will be trapped in that room until you beat the monster. Fourth is outside in a room with a crow and a knight. Throw one of the two stones to the crow and defeat him. The fifth is the easier to get. Is outside the castle too. Beat a knight in a room behind the castle.

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What hm can you use after you beat crasher wake?


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You only need level 1 1/2.

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You have to beat crasher wake

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