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if you have a deoxis (i don't know if that is spelled correctly) in your party, clicking on the meteor will change it's form to ether speed form, defense form, attack form, or normal form.

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Q: What do you do with the meteorite in the Pokemon emerald game?
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Where do you find solrock Pokemon emerald?

Meteorite falls

What does the meteorite in Pokemon emerald do other then trading it for the TM?


Where is mt meteorite on Pokemon emerald?

Route 3. just after Pewter city :)

What is the use of the meteorite in Pokemon Ruby and Emerald?

Once you get the meteorite from Team Magma, take it to Prof. Cosmo in Fallarbor Town, he'll give you a TM for returning his meteorite

What happen if you didn't get the meteorite in mt chimney in Pokemon emerald?

nothing cos your not supposed to

How do you get deoxes in Pokemon Emerald?

You must get this stone in emerald and transfer it with a Pokemon to diamond or pearl. You go to veilstone city and walk up to a meteorite and press A. you first Pokemon has to be holding the deoxes stone.

What do you do with the metorite in Pokemon emerald?

Prof cozmo in fallarbor town will take the meteorite he gives you a TM.

What do you do in your Pokemon Emerald?

Pokemon emerald is a game based on the Pokemon this game,you can catch pokemon,battle trainers,and trade pokemon.:)

Can you trade your Pokemon LeafGreen game for Pokemon Emerald game?

yes you can trade pokemon leafgreen pokemon to pokemon emerald version same as pokemon fire.

How do you find bagon in Pokemon emerald?

Bagon can be found in the smallest room of Meteor Cave (the cave with the meteorite and the scientist).

Where do you find a shelgon in Pokemon emerald?

Same place where team Magma got the meteorite, but you have to go up the waterfall

You tried to migrate Pokemon from emerald but your emerald was deleted how can this be?

If You Migrated Your Pokemon Are Not in the game Anymore