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there is no contest house in Pokemon emerald

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Q: Where is the contest house in slateport city in the game Pokemon Emerald?
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Where is the namerater's house in Pokemon Emerald?


The lady wont give you the pokeblock case what do you do to get it?

in what Pokemon? in Pokemon ruby/sapphire and maybe emerald too, a girl in slateport contest house give it to you

Where is the name rater house in Pokemon sapphire?

its in slateport below the Pokemon contest buliding

Where is the rare candys in emerald?

The rare candy in pokemon emerald you can get after beating trick house of north slateport city

Renameing your Pokemon on Emerald?

go to slateport and to to the old man in the house next to the market

Where is the trick masters house?

the trick house is just above slateport city in Pokemon emerald... hope this helps

Where can you change your pokemons name in emerald?

Just go to slateport city, go to the middle of the city, and go left to the name raters house.

Coin case in Pokemon Emerald?

go to slateport and by 1 habor mail then go to the lady's house next to the game center and trade it with her.

Where do you get pokeblocks in Pokemon ruby?

In Ruby and Sapphire, a little girl with brown pigtails and a red-orange dress who has two Pokéblock cases gives you one in Slateport Contest Hall. Whereas, in Emerald, the same girl gives it to you but in Lilycove Contest Hall.

Where is the name changers house in pokemon ruby?

In slateport city

Where is the trick house in pokemon emerald?

Go to slateport city, then go all the way up. You will see an opening. Go up. There will be one trainer. After you beat her go up. You will see a house. Go into the house and enjoy.

Where do you find the guy that gives you the diploma in Pokemon emerald?

Go to lilycove city go to where the Pokemon contest is but go to the right in the house. (Fly to the Pokemon center go to the right down where the poke contest is then go to the right) its only if you completed the pokedex from hoenh Pokemon list