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How to reset parental controls on the Xbox 360

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Q: What do you do if you forget the parental passcode for Xbox 360?
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Can you passcode lock a game on your Xbox 360?

Not individual games no, but you can passcode lock certain game ratings through parental settings or you can just put a passcode on certain accounts through account settings

How do you unlock passcode on Xbox 360 when you forgot it?

how do i unlock password to the 360 console

What do you do if you cant remember your xbox 360 passcode?

I never put passcode in on xbox but I've got several games that want a passcode. Could you please tell me how to fix this. Thank you teresa

How do you reset Xbox 360 when you forget pass code?

You have to call Microsoft and they will tell you

How do you turn off the passcode on an xbox 360?

by drinking water upside down and counting to 83 in a jamaican accent while you drink it.

How do you get the family settings code for xbox 360?

There are many settings that you can get to while on the Xbox 360 that will allow you to see family settings and parental controls. To get there, you can go to the settings screen in the console control section.

What do you do if you mailed your hard drive back to Microsoft with your xbox 360?

Forget about it because you'll never get the same one back.....they just send you a new one with the xbox 360.

Which is better Xbox or Xbox 360?

xbox 360.The Xbox 360 is the best as it can run games for both the Xbox and the Xbox 360.

What Xbox you need to run halo3?

xbox 360 xbox 360 XBox 360

How many different Xbox are there?

xbox original xbox 360 core xbox 360 arcade xbox 360 premium xbox 360 elite xbox 360 super elite

Which is better a Xbox 360 or a wii?

XBOX 360 is the best. XBOX 360 is my dream. XBOX 360 is my life.

How do you reset the family password on the Xbox 360 Kinect?

To reset the factory passcode on the Xbox 360 or Kinect, the best option is to call customer service first to see if they can help you. Otherwise, a factory reset may have to be done, which could cause all information to be lost.