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you can get your Xbox 360 ac adapter to work with your xbox 360

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Q: You cant get your Xbox 360 ac adapter to work with your Xbox 360?
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Does an Xbox 360 wireless adapter work with all Xbox 360 elite?

I Have A Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter And I Use It On My Xbox 360 Elite It Works Fine

Does the Xbox 360 adapter?

Xbox 360 adapter? You can get a Xbox 360 wireless adapter.

Does an xbox 360 wireless adapter work with the new xbox 360?

An Wireless Adapter can work with the New Xbox 360, but it is useless because the New Xbox 360 comes with built in Wifi Internet Connection.

Does the Xbox 360 airless adapter work for Xbox live?

With the Xbox 360 S, there is a built-in wireless card. For the Xbox 360 (older versions), you need to buy a wireless adapter.

Does Xbox 360 work with computer usb wireless adapter?

no. you have to buy the xbox 360 wireless adapter. unless you mod the consle

Do regular wireless usb adapters work for Xbox 360?

No. Unless you by the xbox 360 adapter.

Do you need a wireless adapter for the Xbox 360 elite?

No, if you want Xbox Live and you cant reach the ethernet cable from the Xbox to the Adapter then yes, you would need a wireless adapter.

Can you use an Xbox 360 wireless adapter on a PC? 360 wireless network adapter only can use on xbox 360, can not work on PC or other device. Thanks

Can the wii lan adapter work for the xbox 360?


Does the old network adapter work on Xbox 360 elite or do you have to buy a different one?

As long as your network adapter is for the Xbox 360, It will work fine.It just won't be the same colour.

Will only a Microsoft adapter work on the xbox 360?

because Microsoft makes the 360...

Can any wireless plug will work for the xbox 360?

Any wireless router can work on the Xbox 360 yes. A wireless plug in adapter can work.