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how do i unlock password to the 360 console

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2012-08-27 15:02:03
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Q: How do you unlock passcode on Xbox 360 when you forgot it?
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What do you do if you forget the parental passcode for Xbox 360?

How to reset parental controls on the xbox 360

What do you do if you cant remember your xbox 360 passcode?

I never put passcode in on xbox but I've got several games that want a passcode. Could you please tell me how to fix this. Thank you teresa

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Theres a sonic game for XBOX 360, but I forgot about it for the XBOX

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How do you unlock Xbox 360 parental code. I know the code but when I go to reset code it asks a question and I forgot the answer. Is There a special answer to reset the question?


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Can you passcode lock a game on your Xbox 360?

Not individual games no, but you can passcode lock certain game ratings through parental settings or you can just put a passcode on certain accounts through account settings

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Its a Code!

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