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If your referring to the Xbox 360 version.... You don't "unlock" him you download the content for him...

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Q: How do you unlock Darth Vader on soul calibur 4?
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How do you unlock the apprentice in Soul Calibur 4?

Clear Arcade Mode With Darth Vader.

How do you unlock Darth Vader in soul calibur 4 for Xbox 360?

you cant vader=ps3 yoda=360

How do you unlock Darth Vader in soul calibur 4?

press a 500 times at start screen You start out with Darth Vader for the PS3 and with Yoda for the Xbox 360.

How do you unlock secret characters in soul calibur 4?

Algol = Clear Story Mode With Darth Vader. Apprentice = Clear Arcade Mode With Darth Vader. Yoda (PS3) = Buy him for £3.19 in the playstation store.

How do you unlock yoda on soul calibur 4 for the ps3?

you can not yoda is in the 360 version only Darth Vader is in the ps3 version. i have the xbox so i get yoda but i like Vader better

Can you play as Darth Vader on the 360 version of soul calibur 4?

you can because when you got the game look on downloads and you see Darth Vader is 400 Microsoft points.

Soul calibur 4 how do you get the grt next to Darth Vader?

It is Yoda and you have to buy him from the playstation store for £3.19

Soul calibur 4 how do you get the missing person next to Darth Vader?

Yoda is availvable only as DLC (Downloadable Content) on the PlaysTation Store for 5$. You can get the apprentice by beating the Arcade mode with Darth Vader.

How do you get the apprentice in Soul Calibur 4?

You have to unlock him using Yoda (xbox 360) or Darth Vader (PS3). Play with either of them on Arcade mode and you'll meet him on stage 7, defeat him and have fun playing him!

How do you get a lightsaber in Soul Calibur IV?

Sorry about it, but you can only get a lightsaber with Yoda, Darth Vader, or the Apprentice. You can't get it with a character creater. It is a real bummer.

How do you unlock Darth Vader's secret apprentice on soul calibar 4?

you have to complete arcade mode with yoda on xbox 360. Or you complete arcade with Darth Vader on PS3.

Where do you unlock Darth Vader?

The only way to obtain Darth Vader on Soul Calibur 4 (which I assume you're referring to), is to purchase him online as downloadable content. The character should be a little bit less than five dollars, if I recall correctly.